NEVER Use Pain to Train – Per Science!

Why do I absolutely REFUSE to use prong collars(also known as pinch collars) or choker style collars? Simple…they are designed as punishment after the fact and are not consistent with positive reinforcement training methods and are not considered humane. Ever.

Research done in 2004 by Dr. Matthijs Schilder and again in 2010 by Dr. Esther’s Schalke show that shock collars, prong collars and chokers cause pain and stress in dogs. The collars can actually reinforce a fear of the owner, the trainer and even the area in which they are being trained. Using shock collars is actually illegal in some parts of the world because the side effects are considered too high of a risk in the hands of too many untrained and irresponsible people. Don’t. Do. Them.

Veterinary behaviorists all agree that positive, non-physical methods of training are what truly works. Ask yourself this question: “Would I want that collar or method used on a child?” If your answer is no (and it should be an emphatic “Hell no!”), then do NOT use it on the dog! Mental stress results and you will teach the animal that you are an inflicter of pain, rather than a kind, compassionate leader. You do not need to dominate to lead! They are not the same!


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