Be A Participant in Your Dog’s Training!

What is one of the most frustrating thing for dog trainers? When owners don’t participate. When owners disrupt class by constantly moving around and doing other things, which distract from what you are trying to do, rather than sit down, listen and then take part. The person who expects you to come and “fix” their dog, while they do nothing in your absence, is very frustrating. I’m a very busy trainer and I can pick and choose the folks I am willing to work with.

If you show me you have no interest in participating, I will drop you from my schedule, rather than continue being frustrated when I know I can be working with someone else who is willing to do the work and WANTS to participate. Owners need to understand that if training is going to work, they have to actively be involved.

A dog trainer friend of mine had a recent issue with board and train dogs who came home NOT trained, thin, and with behavioral issues. Not to mention, they are young and were not even potty trained while gone. They now are going EVERYWHERE. Essentially, they were kenneled and ignored from what she could tell. This happens too often! NOW the same owner wants her to come to her home and “fix” the dogs, while she disrupts class and sits in a chair calling the dogs over to her when they are being taught.

Recently, I had an owner who couldn’t let me talk without interrupting and if I asked a simple question, she’d race off and go into a five minute conversation that led down so many roads that I’d have to literally bring her back and ask her to sit back down. I finally just ignored her and trained the dog to sit, down and touch, all while she carried on a conversation with herself.

PLEASE, while we are there trying to help you, PAY ATTENTION and allow the focus to be on the dog, not you. Answer the questions as succinctly as you can and understand we only have a short amount of time to work with you that day. You are not our only client and trust me, I get text messages and calls ALL HOURS of the day and night. I got up at 4 am this morning to two messages, one with a dog having an allergic reaction and another cancelling her morning session. Please understand, we are trying to help you but we are only able to work with owners who are willing to meet us half way and do the work while we are gone. You have to pay attention or you’re just wasting your money. . . and our time.

Lastly, once more I will say, BOARDING AND TRAINING YOUR DOG IS MORE OFTEN THAN NOT A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. Yes, there are good ones out there, but there are a hell of a lot of bad ones who give the good ones a very bad name. Get reviews, references and strongly consider taking your dog to weekly classes yourself. I cannot tell you how many dogs in the last 20 years that I’ve seen who were completely ruined from boarding and training facilities. Think long and hard.


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