Board And Train

Boarding And Training Options

Boarding and training a dog has never been my favorite method of training, because I have personally dealt with having to fix many issues with dogs that have resulted from being boarded and trained. I’ve encountered dogs were became skittish around people and other animals. This is a result of kenneling sometimes. It can be a result of negative treatment at the hands of humans sometimes. It can be a result of PTSD from trauma during the process.

Some dogs that have never been away from home or are very young, can be very adversely affected from kenneling. The longer a dog is kenneled, the worse this can be. If you are kenneling your dog to be trained for “potty training” at a young age, they are not going to get potty trained in a kennel. It is not a good environment for a shy dog. Kennels are loud and obnoxious at times. It is a traumatic experience for most dogs. I want to lesson the negative impact on your fur kid as much as is possible, in their separation from you. I’m a behavior expert. That means that as soon as I see stress, I’m going to address it and make the best decision for your dog’s mental state. . . the ‘whole dog’ philosophy is one that I’ve adhered to my entire training career. Mental health, physical health and basic needs are the staples of a good life. They are always the primary focus.

This is why, after much thought, I have decided to do boarding and training. I believe that I can do it better. First of all, I will limit the number of dogs in my board and train program to only 5 at this time. When I have another full time trainer, I will add to that number but I feel that 5 dogs is the maximum number that should be under supervision and being trained by one person, at a time. Does this mean that we are less focused on profit and more focused on your dog?? YOU BET IT DOES!

It becomes impossible to give each dog individual attention, focus and care, if you have have more than that number. The dogs here will not be KENNELED. There will be open play areas and individual play areas but no chain link kennels and cement floors. They will not be locked up and left overnight. They’ll be part of a group. They’ll have beds and alone time if they need it, but treated with love and human interaction just as they would at home. Someone will always be with them, sleeping here at the training center with them.

If they need quiet time, there will be a quiet room set aside for them to nap in. They’ll get to interact with dog day care visitors each day, have access to the fenced play areas and get one on one training each day. Someone will watch them eat and we’ll make sure they don’t lose weight while in our care, as happens so often with boarding.

I will NOT do protection dog training. I do not train ‘guard dogs’ and never have. I choose to work strictly with keeping dogs calm, for family dogs or working service dogs. I choose to help dogs that need guidance in being more social. I train service dogs for people who have disabilities. Please, do not confuse service dogs with guard dogs or protection dogs. These are two distinctly different things. I train dogs who need to be calm at all times and perfectly safe in public. This is the opposite of bringing out aggression drive in dogs. Also, many insurance programs do not cover protection dog training.  We are insured through Kennel Pro but agree to do NO protection dog training or bite work due to the high risk of injury.

Board and train with me will be $1500 per month. That includes the entire month’s care, food, training and any special equipment that may be necessary for training – primarily for service dogs. This also includes a service dog coat for service dogs. It includes coming once a week, if you wish, for training with your dog. It includes a mandatory training session of 2 hours when you pick your dog back up. This will be scheduled during the last week of training. You can choose week by week options for boarding and training as well. Please, contact me for prices and individualized programs.