Please note: NO choke chains, NO pinch collars, NO electronic collars or any other devices used as punishment are allowed/used in my classes. We do not train with pain, or with punishment. All classes are based on classic and operant conditioning methods. Everything is kept 100% POSITIVE. All dogs are required to show proof of vaccinations at first class and sign a waiver to agree to being part of the group class process. All owners accept responsibility for their pet. 


Basic Obedience Introduction – Starts February 11 at 4pm.

The new training center location will be open and starting our first group class on Saturday, February 11th. Located within an easy commute of Sugarland, Richmond, Houston, and surrounding areas. Our new dog training location has an indoor training facility as well as grounds suitable for taking group outings, to practice our leash work.

If you are interested in getting your new puppy or rescue dog into this class, call 779-245-0205 for more information regarding available seats. Group classes are limited to only ten students and their handlers. Family members are welcome to come but only one person is encouraged to work with the dog during initial training. Children are requested to be well-behaved and under control at all times in order to keep the environment as distraction free as possible, for all students. All dogs participating will need to show proof of current vaccinations and pet parents will need to sign a waiver, allowing the dog to participate in group class with other dogs.

This will be a six week basic dog obedience class. During this dog training class, we’ll cover basic targeting, sit, down, stay, walking on a loose leash and coming when called. These are all the foundation behaviors that every good dog should know. Participation in a group class also gives your dog an opportunity to learn socialization skills around other dogs and humans. This is a basic foundations class that can lead to a more advanced course and ultimately earn you and your dog the chance to earn a Canine Good Citizen award from the AKC. The cost of the course for the entire six weeks is $225. You may also choose private lessons at $50 per hour, at my facility. Private lessons sometimes work best of those who have reactive dogs that are more difficult to control or have aggression issues with other dogs or people. Feel free to call me for a consultation.

I pride myself in teaching my  Houston area dog training students more than just how to get their dog to do basic commands. I teach students how to communicate with their dogs and build relationships that will last a lifetime. To get the most out of your relationship with your dog, call the Canine Coach today!


Puppy Group Play/Socialization – February 12th at 4pm

This first puppy class will start February 12th, 2017 at 4pm. This is a four week class that helps new puppy owners with potty training basics, proper play and importance of socialization, as well as some basic training in “sit”, “down” and “walking on a leash.”

Learning how to play properly, at an early age, is important to the puppy’s proper development in relationships both with other dogs and humans. This can help have fewer issues in the future, both with aggression or with shyness/fear. Puppies learn bite inhibition at an early age, as well as proper communication with other dogs to help thwart potential dog fights later on in life. Fear is the number one reason that dogs bite. By introducing your pup into a variety of situations at an early age, you can ensure that these issues never develop.


Reactive Dog Classes – Starts February 17, 6:30pm

This is the class for dogs who over react to other dogs, other people and new situations. Some of these over reactions can be fear based and some may display as aggression, but primarily stems from fear. This is a highly specialized course, based on methods taught especially to desensitize dogs very slowly. Special equipment is used to help the dog be more isolated in the beginning, A maximum of 6 dogs are permitted in this class, in order to facilitate the personal space for each person and their dog. Extreme caution is used at all times. In order to maintain a safe and neutral environment, the first class is for owners ONLY – no dogs allowed. You’ll be given very explicit instructions for how to enter and exit the building, how to park and what exactly is going to happen during this class. We’ll discuss each personal case and we will explain the rehabilitation process and what you can expect to gain from this class. If you want your dog to be better behaved, less fearful and more under control so that they can lead more of a normal life, and you can too, this is the class for you. This course is 8 weeks in length. The cost is $400.